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Political Dossier:
/ 1994
Worked grassroots campaign for North Dakota incumbent governor and Josh’s uncle by marriage,  Governor Ed Shaffer.  A successful campaign.

/ 2000
Started College Republicans Club at Coffeyville Community College in collaboration with starting Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

/ 2003-2004
Helped the Shreveport, LA (NW  LA team) for friends to elect Bobby Jindal to Congress

/ 2006
Campaign Headquarters Director for state wide campaign. Friends to elect Bob Sullivan for Governor

/ 2007
Campaign director for Citizens for a Better Edmond.  One of the states most controversial campaigns in the 2008 election.  A successful campaign.

/ 2008
North Eastern Oklahoma director for Team Victory, a Republican strategy brought together by Karl Rove and a very successful election year.

Led efforts to draft Dave Radar to Congress.

Campaign Director for Friends to elect Gary Stanislawski, a large senate district that was a success by only 11 votes.

/ 2009
Campaign Director for Friends to elect Tim Coager for State Senate.

Campaign Director for Friends to elect Joe Kelly to state house representative.

Campaign Director for Republican Primary 2nd district, Friends to Elect Charles Thompson for Congress.  A successful campaign.

/ 2010
Campaign Director for Friends to Elect Judy Wilson to Alder Ward II, a city ward in Louisiana. A successful campaign.

/ 2011
Founded The Tulsa Christmas Parade.  This parade provides Tulsan’s with the option to attend the only Christmas Parade in Tulsa.  Parade has been successful for two consecutive years, and growing in popularity.

/ 2012
Campaign to elect Ken Walker to House District 71 in Oklahoma. A successful campaign.

/ 2013
Campaign Director to elect Bill Christiansen to Mayor of Tulsa.

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